2018 was a corker

2018 was a corker

January 7, 2019

Happy New Year. I’ve been a bit quiet on here but lurgy and a new pup will do that. Plus I’m a big fan of easing gently into a new year. I’ve spent a long while reflecting & created a little slideshow of some faves from 2018, I hope you enjoy it. Lots of love […]

18 Summers

18 Summers

September 11, 2018

A recent advertising viral pointed out that we have only 18 Summers with our children. At best I think the intention was to inspire and encourage us to pause and be grateful for this time. At worst it was to buy some tatt or a holiday . It churned up all sorts of uncomfortable feelings […]



August 9, 2018

Great song by Blur. And a great place for a family location shoot. Sometimes the simplest idea is the best. The kids love the park, it’s their familiar stomping ground and they quickly forget about the camera which is essential if you’re after documentary style photographs. You might have a strong idea of the look […]


“We needed to update our website with images of the children and staff headshots but didn’t want formal pictures. Nicky captured the essence and happy atmosphere of our nursery as well as the happiness and personality of the children. We shall be in touch again next year when we update! Thank you.”

Lucy, Southdown Nursery

“Nicky beautifully captured the first days of our new life together in Brighton.  The photos are arty, tasteful and show Brighton in a fantastic light!  Many, many thanks!”

Ollie Tunmer

“We felt instantly at ease with Nicky. She kept showing the kids the camera and engaging them, and once the novelty wore off they just carried on playing and it was like Nicky wasn’t there. Except of course she was, watching for those moments that we will cherish forever.”

Susannah Njorte