All the experiences in your life – the good & bad – all the music you’ve heard, the holidays you’ve been on, the dates you’ve had, the books you’ve read, the laughs with your friends, the jobs, the memories you’ve made, the romance you’ve enjoyed, they’ve all brought you to this precise moment in time. So let’s capture you with beautiful photographs that celebrate the you that’s right here and now.

Because I get it. 

 I’m deeply nostalgic and a lifestyle photographer based in Sussex, UK.  Hey, I’m Nicky. I believe in documenting it all to enjoy for years to come. The key to creating wonderful photographs is ensuring that you feel as comfortable as you can. Having spent many years as an actor, I’m well equipped with tips to help you. 

Whether you’re looking for a family shoot, portraits or timeless wedding photography, my approach will be the same. I’ll help you feel at ease & we’ll make awesome photographs. 


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