He asks a lot of questions a day. Like eleventy-billion questions…about absolutely anything and everything. His thirst for knowledge is seemingly unstoppable and exhausting impressive to witness. On the rare moments when he is quiet and thoughtful, you can sometimes see the cogs move.

My style of family photography captures these fleeting moments, the ones you try really hard to remember. I can recall so many times sitting with my first baby and willing myself to try and retain as much of her as possible. Counting her hairs, her freckles. Hoping that somehow if I concentrated really hard, the moment would stay with me.  But  sleepless nights, weaning, teething, a sibling, moving to a new house, life. And you’re on the other side with the feeling of the memory. In some way it has stayed with me, after all I’m recounting it to you now. But it’s my remembering rather than that moment itself. But what if I’d had the camera to hand?

Because suddenly you blink and they are at school and they are asking the teacher all the questions.




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