If you’re looking for relaxed and natural branding photography then it’s great to have your shoot in your working environment. But sometimes it’s also worth venturing out. Going for a stroll with your photographer can give you a totally different set of images to use. You could head to the woods or beach or  pub or a great cafe.  Of course, finding one that is aligned with your brand is a must.

If you’re excited by organics, neutrals, vintage treasures, exceptional food & drink all styled beautifully & you’re in the Shoreham area you can do no wrong with Ginger & Dobbs. (sidenote- it also has has the most welcoming staff & a fab grocer section where you can pick up fruit and veg, local artisan produce, jams, chutneys, eggs, pastry, breads).

I visited here recently on a reccie for an upcoming shoot with a local physiotherapist but couldn’t wait to share some images. I popped down on a very grey and dreary day and felt instantly like I’d encountered a warm cosy hug of a cafe.

I cannot wait to go back.



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