Spring Blooms


When I see blossom it immediately gets me planning imaginary wedding flowers and heading over to Pinterest. I was so desperate to have blossom at my own wedding but we got married on 9th April which was unfortunately too early for it. So, I tried for my second best, Paper white Narcissus but we were too late for these. It was mildly frustrating but I let go it of it pretty quickly when I realised that getting married in Spring is a real Brucie-bonus. You might have fresher weather, a passing shower, but you get the beautiful Spring blooms in abundance.

Get thee over to Pinterest and enjoy.



It’s all in the detail

Whether it is an engagement shoot, a wedding or a family celebration, seeking out the details that reflect YOU is what it’s all about. It might be the way your other half glances at you when you’re looking elsewhere, it might be those little hands holding onto the hem of your jumper- these are the things an outside eye can quietly observe and capture.

You guys are unique. Your photographs should be too. Celebrate your unique stories, idiosyncrasies, those things special to you. A good photographer will spot them and immortalise them.







Meraki (verb)

Meraki is a tricky word to translate directly into English. It kind of means lots of things at the same time.

‘To do something with passion, with undivided attention.

With all your effort, with enthusiasm, with eagerness, with complete love.

Work is created with all your heart.

You leave an essence of yourself in the work’.

This is how I roll.

ps. great word right?