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2018 was a corker

Happy New Year. I’ve been a bit quiet on here but lurgy and a new pup will do that. Plus I’m a big fan of easing gently into a new year. I’ve spent a long while reflecting & created a little slideshow of some faves from 2018, I hope you enjoy it. Lots of love for 2019 X  



Great song by Blur. And a great place for a family location shoot. Sometimes the simplest idea is the best. The kids love the park, it’s their familiar stomping ground and they quickly forget about the camera which is essential if you’re after documentary style photographs. You might have a strong idea of the look or the types of shots you want and having … Read More Parklife


The curious child

  He asks a lot of questions a day. Like eleventy-billion questions…about absolutely anything and everything. His thirst for knowledge is seemingly unstoppable and exhausting impressive to witness. On the rare moments when he is quiet and thoughtful, you can sometimes see the cogs move. My style of family photography captures these fleeting moments, the ones you try really hard to remember. I can … Read More The curious child