Brand photography

If you’re looking for relaxed and natural branding photography then it’s great to have your shoot in your working environment. But sometimes it’s also worth venturing out. Going for a stroll with your photographer can give you a totally different set of images to use. You could head to the woods or beach or  pub or a great cafe.  Of course, finding one that is aligned with your brand is a must.

If you’re excited by organics, neutrals, vintage treasures, exceptional food & drink all styled beautifully & you’re in the Shoreham area you can do no wrong with Ginger & Dobbs. (sidenote- it also has has the most welcoming staff & a fab grocer section where you can pick up fruit and veg, local artisan produce, jams, chutneys, eggs, pastry, breads).

I visited here recently on a reccie for an upcoming shoot with a local physiotherapist but couldn’t wait to share some images. I popped down on a very grey and dreary day and felt instantly like I’d encountered a warm cosy hug of a cafe.

I cannot wait to go back.




2018 was a corker

Happy New Year. I’ve been a bit quiet on here but lurgy and a new pup will do that. Plus I’m a big fan of easing gently into a new year. I’ve spent a long while reflecting & created a little slideshow of some faves from 2018, I hope you enjoy it.

Lots of love for 2019 X



Meraki (verb)

Meraki is a tricky word to translate directly into English. It kind of means lots of things at the same time.

‘To do something with passion, with undivided attention.

With all your effort, with enthusiasm, with eagerness, with complete love.

Work is created with all your heart.

You leave an essence of yourself in the work’.

This is how I roll.

ps. great word right?





Engagement shoot

When you choose your photographer chances are high that you will be very familiar with how they show up online. You’ve checked them out on Instagram, Facebook and had a good nosey around their website. You’ve chatted on the phone, maybe even met up now you feel like you know them…a bit. But the idea of an engagement shoot doesn’t appeal to you. But I think you’re missing a trick.

Not only will you be able to ask any questions you might have, it’s a good way to get to know each other – the last thing you want is to feel like there’s a stranger following you around taking your photos on your big day. In an engagement shoot you can practice being in front of the camera and start to feel more relaxed….with no pressure. You can get to see how your photographer works. You can have a laugh, yes this is actually possible. Even if you’re really camera shy. The experience builds trust between you and your photographer which is essential for good photography. 

Kaiya & Max didn’t want to stray too far for their engagement shoot. Green & rural vibes seemed a nice contrast to their upcoming Brighton Seafront wedding.

Luckily Steyning has plenty to offer and we chose the lesser known Clays Hill, a beautiful spot largely ignored unless you’re a dog owner. We wandered for a while, chatted lots and I shared some great tips to help them feel relaxed.

By having this short time together it meant that on the wedding day itself we were able to do portraits swiftly. They already knew how to get cosy and relaxed with each other which meant they could get back to their guests and the party. Plus they now have two sets of beautiful photographs to enjoy.





18 Summers


A recent advertising viral pointed out that we have only 18 Summers with our children. At best I think the intention was to inspire and encourage us to pause and be grateful for this time. At worst it was to buy some tatt or a holiday . It churned up all sorts of uncomfortable feelings for me, namely panic and Mum guilt.

Have I planned the Summer enough? What activities should they be doing? How much do they have to do? Is it ok to still be in pyjamas at 2pm on a regular basis? Will my three-year-old develop a health issue from the beige diet he insists upon? Does the holiday need to be abroad? Am I a fun Mum? Do I play with them enough? Are they reading enough? Is the tv on too much? Are they going to look back on these Summers fondly? Will I even bloody remember what we did?

No I possibly won’t. Our lives are too busy, the noise is everywhere so my memory is taking the hit, hard. But thank fully I’ve documented it, it’s in the photos. Thank goodness for that.

After school, yesterday we talked through the Summer, we shared the photos and watched the little videos we made. And they were so happy remembering the spider man helmet she made, the X-ray specs he designed. And it was often those bored late pyjama days which turned into the gold dust.

So I am sacking off the Mum guilt. Photos are everything and boredom is a necessary life skill…we’ve just got to brace ourselves for the initial whining stage and provide plenty of snacks, beige or otherwise.



















Great song by Blur.

And a great place for a family location shoot. Sometimes the simplest idea is the best. The kids love the park, it’s their familiar stomping ground and they quickly forget about the camera which is essential if you’re after documentary style photographs.

You might have a strong idea of the look or the types of shots you want and having a plan is always a great start – I’m a big fan of lists! But there is a tendency to overthink shoots.

Kids are always in the moment, they don’t have any preconceived ideas and they will often resist if they feel like they are being told what to do. Their natural instinct for free play is precisely what can make each shoot wonderfully unique. If they want to bring their toys, books, dress up’s then let them I say. I want to capture their personalities and this moment in time.



The curious child


He asks a lot of questions a day. Like eleventy-billion questions…about absolutely anything and everything. His thirst for knowledge is seemingly unstoppable and exhausting impressive to witness. On the rare moments when he is quiet and thoughtful, you can sometimes see the cogs move.

My style of family photography captures these fleeting moments, the ones you try really hard to remember. I can recall so many times sitting with my first baby and willing myself to try and retain as much of her as possible. Counting her hairs, her freckles. Hoping that somehow if I concentrated really hard, the moment would stay with me.  But  sleepless nights, weaning, teething, a sibling, moving to a new house, life. And you’re on the other side with the feeling of the memory. In some way it has stayed with me, after all I’m recounting it to you now. But it’s my remembering rather than that moment itself. But what if I’d had the camera to hand?

Because suddenly you blink and they are at school and they are asking the teacher all the questions.





To pose or not to pose

That is the question and it’s a conundrum faced by many. There is no right or wrong way, only what feels right to you. I’ll take the lead from you. You might choose to have no posed shots at all, in which case I’ll capture your awesomeness in relaxed, documentary style photos. Or you might prefer to have a few portrait images, in which case I can direct you…I’ve been on your side of the lens too, so I know what I’m doing.

You might be feeling really nervous about having your picture taken, don’t worry – I’ll make sure you feel at ease. You might even have a laugh whilst doing it…my five year old has taught me some cracking jokes and sharing is caring.


Spring Blooms


When I see blossom it immediately gets me planning imaginary wedding flowers and heading over to Pinterest. I was so desperate to have blossom at my own wedding but we got married on 9th April which was unfortunately too early for it. So, I tried for my second best, Paper white Narcissus but we were too late for these. It was mildly frustrating but I let go it of it pretty quickly when I realised that getting married in Spring is a real Brucie-bonus. You might have fresher weather, a passing shower, but you get the beautiful Spring blooms in abundance.

Get thee over to Pinterest and enjoy.



It’s all in the detail

Whether it is an engagement shoot, a wedding or a family celebration, seeking out the details that reflect YOU is what it’s all about. It might be the way your other half glances at you when you’re looking elsewhere, it might be those little hands holding onto the hem of your jumper- these are the things an outside eye can quietly observe and capture.

You guys are unique. Your photographs should be too. Celebrate your unique stories, idiosyncrasies, those things special to you. A good photographer will spot them and immortalise them.