Kaiya’s maternity shoot

I love to keep in touch with my couples, and when one of my brides, Kaiya and I were discussing maternity photographs, it was obvious we needed to capture some for her. I will always regret that I didn’t do a shoot when I was pregnant with my second and last child. Life felt too busy. I felt frumpy and exhausted, already looking after a 2 year old, the house was messy and I made lots of excuses. But it is such a special time and if you’re even half considering it, then I urge you to do it! I always took lots of photos…but I was never in them! Also, please forget about the house, you’re growing a human being! Homes are full of character & your personality & that’s what we want to celebrate.  If you wait for the ideal time, you’ll miss this moment. I pride myself on adapting to the needs of my clients and the space we have available.  When I visited Kaiya in her home she had her two boys – both pre school age! – at home with her. It was busy and heaps of fun.