When you choose your photographer chances are high that you will be very familiar with how they show up online. You’ve checked them out on Instagram, Facebook and had a good nosey around their website. You’ve chatted on the phone, maybe even met up now you feel like you know them…a bit. But the idea of an engagement shoot doesn’t appeal to you. But I think you’re missing a trick.

Not only will you be able to ask any questions you might have, it’s a good way to get to know each other – the last thing you want is to feel like there’s a stranger following you around taking your photos on your big day. In an engagement shoot you can practice being in front of the camera and start to feel more relaxed….with no pressure. You can get to see how your photographer works. You can have a laugh, yes this is actually possible. Even if you’re really camera shy. The experience builds trust between you and your photographer which is essential for good photography. 

Kaiya & Max didn’t want to stray too far for their engagement shoot. Green & rural vibes seemed a nice contrast to their upcoming Brighton Seafront wedding.

Luckily Steyning has plenty to offer and we chose the lesser known Clays Hill, a beautiful spot largely ignored unless you’re a dog owner. We wandered for a while, chatted lots and I shared some great tips to help them feel relaxed.

By having this short time together it meant that on the wedding day itself we were able to do portraits swiftly. They already knew how to get cosy and relaxed with each other which meant they could get back to their guests and the party. Plus they now have two sets of beautiful photographs to enjoy.