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2018 was a corker

Happy New Year. I’ve been a bit quiet on here but lurgy and a new pup will do that. Plus I’m a big fan of easing gently into a new year. I’ve spent a long while reflecting & created a little slideshow of some faves from 2018, I hope you enjoy it. Lots of love for 2019 X  


18 Summers

A recent advertising viral pointed out that we have only 18 Summers with our children. At best I think the intention was to inspire and encourage us to pause and be grateful for this time. At worst it was to buy some tatt or a holiday . It churned up all sorts of uncomfortable feelings for me, namely panic and Mum guilt. Have I … Read More 18 Summers


Meraki (verb)

Meraki is a tricky word to translate directly into English. It kind of means lots of things at the same time. ‘To do something with passion, with undivided attention. With all your effort, with enthusiasm, with eagerness, with complete love. Work is created with all your heart. You leave an essence of yourself in the work’. ♥ This is how I roll. ps. great word … Read More Meraki (verb)